Labyrinth Made Goods

Project Summary

Labyrinth Made Goods is a candle-making initiative by Labyrinth House, a subsidiary of the McLean County YWCA. Our project aims to reduce recidivism in the Bloomington-Normal area and support formerly incarcerated women in their reintegration into society.

As one of five designers on this project, we developed the logo, brand identity, color palette, package design, and hand-drawn illustrations for the seasonal-inspired candle scents. Launched in mid-to-late 2020, the brand is now available in various boutiques and novelty shops across Bloomington, Illinois, and the Greater Chicago Area.

The following pieces showcases the creative solutions we contributed to Labyrinth Made Goods, reflecting our ability to design for meaningful initiatives with visual appeal and brand coherence.

Project Deliverables

What Was Accomplished

+ Brand Development

+ Logo Design

+ Package Design

+ Market Research

Logo Design

Package Design

Label Design