Project Summary

As a pivotal member of the Root3 Marketing team, I successfully assisted the rebranding of MedHQ, an existing client aiming to showcase their streamlined service offerings and technological advancement. The primary goal was to prominently highlight this new messaging.

Our comprehensive rebranding efforts included the creation of a new logo and color palette, followed by the development of a user-friendly responsive website. I actively contributed to web design consultations and design iterations using Figma. After gaining client approval, I oversaw the development process through regular internal meetings to ensure timely progress and accommodate necessary adjustments.

The website launched on schedule in April 2023, and I also curated essential brand elements to create a cohesive brand guide for future messaging and creative assets. Subsequently, I played a key role in various design endeavors, such as social graphics, web-based assets, Landing Page creation, and print collateral, while consistently maintaining the integrity of the rebranded MedHQ identity.

Project Deliverables

What Was Accomplished

+ Brand Development

+ Brand Guidelines

+ Social Media Graphics

+ Print Collateral

+ Web Design

+ Responsive Web Development

Brand Guidelines

MedHQ Brand Guidelines cover page
MedHQ Brand Guidelines spread showing primary logo
MedHQ Brand Guidelines spread showing typographic styling for the brand
MedHQ Brand Guidelines spread showing example collateral for the brand

Digital Identity

Web Design + Development

Social Media Graphics

iPhone mockup of MedHQ LinkedIn account

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