Nimble RCM

Project Summary

As a Web Designer and Developer at Root3 Marketing, I played a role in the rebrand of a healthcare operations provider in collaboration with a secondary marketing agency. Our mission was to streamline the brand guidelines and unveil the new identity at the prestigious 2023 ASCA Conference in Louisville, KY. Our creative team crafted a range of compelling materials, including one-pagers, print ads, and captivating social graphics. Additionally, we lent our expertise to the development of the brand website, collaborating with the original marketing agency.

The launch at ASCA proved to be a resounding success, solidifying our partnership with Nimble RCM. Building on this achievement, we continued to push the boundaries of the brand standards, crafting an innovative brand that captured the essence of our client’s vision. Our seamless execution and dedication to creative excellence have left a lasting impact, positioning the healthcare operations provider as a frontrunner in their industry.

Project Deliverables

What Was Accomplished

+ Brand Development

+ Print Ads

+ One Pager Design

+ EBook Design

+ Social Media Graphics

+ Website Optimization

Serviceline one-pagers

Nimble branded Transcription One-Pager
Nimble branded Coding One-Pager

Social Graphics

Half-page print ad

Half-page ad for Nimble RCM