Workflow Services

Project Summary

This project involved collaborating with Workflow Services, a healthcare-focused company, to enhance their brand messaging and recognition, with the goal of expanding testing practices through pharmacy locations.

As a key member of the Root3 Marketing team, I spearheaded the development of a comprehensive brand guide deck to ensure consistent application of elements in future creative work. Additionally, I assumed the lead designer role, providing direction to other team members and contributing to the creation of one-pagers, social graphics, website graphics, and building web pages using the Squarespace CMS.

Informational One-Pagers

Workflow Services Test Developers One-pager
Workflow Services Enterprise One-pager

Brand Guidelines

aWorkflow services Brand Guide > Cover Page
Workflow services Brand Guide > Brand Typography Page
Workflow services Brand Guide > Visual Elements Page
Workflow services Brand Guide > Social Graphic Page

Social Graphics

Animated Graphics

Web Development